Rebecca Lennon

In Rebecca Lennon’s work the artist in shown in preparation (Lennon asks how should the artist approach public speaking?), along with the actual body of the artist, silent, altered, speaking function nulled by a large white ball which covers her head. The audience only hears her voice through the silent type appearing on a projected film behind her. Dissociated from her body, which she gives up for the viewer but also denies, her statements play out: “The artist should..” with each eventuality played out in the following clip. This combination of future tense with present, presentation creates a strange kind of refrentialty in which the viewer is asked to enagge with the artist and art work in progress, in the progress of representing herself, yet also seeing elements of a finished work and her live body. In this way we are given clues, which as viewers we put together, participating conceptually.

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