Charles Hayward, ‘The Bell Agency’

Charles Hayward’s video piece was the perfect way to begin and end the chain. The work was a three minute looped film in which three people (one them Hayward) play Tibetan singing bowls. The three arange themselves at corners of the table which holds the bell or bells, each stepping forward to ring them with a beater creating a long singing note. In response to the last note another steps forward and answers them. The bell in this work does not hang, but sits on the flat surface as the sound raises from below, almost pulling the focus of three performers into the void. The group seem to share a consciosness, that extends out to the watching audience although as the gestures stay the same begin to look away, responding to the music allowing it to become the background for other conversations, thoughts and movements then suddenly drawing your attention back. A work in which you lose yourself and your position as audience member and then regain it.


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