Reuben Thurnhill / Gregoire Bouffon ‘Trajet Tragique’

‘Trajet Tragique’ is Gregoire Bouffon’s (Reuben Thurnhill’s artist-pseudonym). Inviting four people to recreate the ultimate Parisian journey listening to French music in a blue citreon, smoking and wearing nostalgia glasses. Under Bouffon’s instruction first they make the nostalgia glasses, sepia toned images sellotaped to the lenses of glasses, second they paint ashtrays Ricard yellow and third thye paint the car blue. Each action is a creation of another level of the performance, yet it is not just the artist’s construction but the participants’ too.

The group create an illusion of a past yet they also participate in nostalgia through this illusion. The participants are then invited for a journey around Lewisham in the painted citroen, to smoke their cigarettes with their nostalgia glasses on. Invited to participate in this nostalgic journey in the painted car and with glasses which only allow you to see the passing landscape through a static image. Its shambolic, a sham they participate in. The participants play at creation, creating an illusion as they do.


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