CHAIN EVENT @ Lewisham Arthouse – 2 days to go!!!!!!

The schedule of Performances is:

3.30-4.00pm- Charles Hayward

Hayward is showing a new video work made for the event. He is a pioneering drummer with bands This Heat and Camberwell Now.

4.00-5.00pm- Clare Qualmann 

Perambulator is a walk that explores navigation, way finding and collective decision making with the added encumbrance of prams. Qualmann works across a range of media -from drawing and sculpture to artists’ books and live events, often in the form of walks.

5.00-5.30- Lauren Godfrey

Alongside making sculptures Godfrey is exploring writing and speaking as an embodiment of content as opposed to representation. She will be giving a lecture for Chain.

5.30-6.15- Reuben Thurnhill/ Gregoire Bouffon

Trajet Tragique is a nostalgic drive around Lewisham for smokers only. Thurnhill is an Artist, Curator and Lecturer, his practice illuminates the sublime and the ridiculous. 

6.15-6.45pm- Jenny Rush

Rush graduated from the Slade School of Art in 2009. Her film work deals with aspects of social and anthropological theory.

6.45- 7.15pm- Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver’s performance is based on a séance. Oliver is currently studying for a PhD on awkwardness and participatory performance.

7.15-7.45pm- Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe is making new work under the title Custards, mustards and dusters, McCabe is a poet; he works as a Joint Librarian at the Poetry Library on the South Bank and is published widely.

7.45- 8.15pm- Stephen Crowe

Fleur de Bray and Ilze Ikshe will be singing and playing in a ‘vexed situation’ supplied by Stephen Crowe. Crowe is a composer and musician, making operas with Crowe Ensemble and often uses graphic scores.

8.15- 8.45pm- Rebecca Lennon

Lennon works in video, sound, text and performance, drawing on cinema, the media, technology, mythology and madness. For Chain she will be giving a performance lecture.

8.45- 9.00pm- Jessica Voorsanger

Voorsanger is a multimedia artist who explores popular culture, in particular ‘celebrity’ through obsession, and media representation. Her performance will play with ringtones and mobile phones.


9.00-9.30pm- Siôn Parkinson

Parkinson is an artist, writer and performer. As part of Chain he will be performing Siôn Parkinson’s FACE CAGE: a half-hour song set in a Talbot Alpine car that recalls teenage autoeroticism, chance and shame.

9.30-10.00pm- Chora

Ben Morris and Rob Lye have been making music under the banner ‘Chora’ since 2004, recent releases include ”Songs from the Husk-Hair Malt’  2011 on Winebox Records and ‘The Wax Heel’ Zero Jardins 2011.


10.00-10.30pm- Charles Hayward (repeat)



6-10.30pm Ladies of the Press* are Ana Čavić and Renée O’Drobinak: a performative press duo that re-imagines the role of the publisher and the publicist into a theatrical persona.


Amy Tobin has an MA in Art History from Courtauld Institute and is about to embark on a PHD in participation and performance. She will be writing a live blog about the event, follow her at


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